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The Shelsleys


Three miles from Clifton-upon-Teme along the banks of the River Teme are to be found The Shelsleys, three hamlets comprising Shelsley Beauchamp, Shelsley Walsh and Shelsley Kings.
Shelsley Teme Brigde One of the most beautiful parts of the Teme Valley, once famous for its Blossom Trail, it is a quiet and scattered community visited occasionally by walkers and fishermen but generally a haven of tranquillity. Although The Shelsleys are quiet today the area is steeped in bloody history.


In Shelsley Beauchamp for example, Oliver Cromwell stood on the ridge at Pudford and shelled Homme Castle (today a farm house) and it's said that canon balls have been found in the river. Nearby is a round motte which could be pre-Roman, but there is little left of the old castle. The Church of All Saints is probably 14th century, although only the original tower now remains.
The bells, cast by John Rudhall of Gloucester were brought to Shelsley Beauchamp by way of the river.


Owain Glyn Dwr

In 1405, with the help of France, the welsh rebel leader Owain Glyn Dwr  invaded England. He met the English forces few miles north of Worcester. The two armies faced each other on opposing hills, the English on Abberley Hill and the combined Welsh/French forces on Woodbury Hill.

The armies never engaged in battle, but a few small incidents did take place and some men died. The stand-off lasted eight days before Glyndwr retreated, put off by the continuous rain. With their supply routes blocked, the Welsh began to starve. Henry stood down his army and the Welsh headed home.
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Shelsley Walsh is the home of Britain's oldest motor sporting event:
Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. The event was first held in 1905 before racing on public roads was banned, except for the war years racing has taken place here every year since (see the What's On page).

Hill Climb Route

The hillclimb was originally leased to the Midland Automobile Club by Montague Taylor, who lived in the 16th century Court House, once the home of the Walsh family at the time of the Gunpowder plot.

Each hillclimb begins with a service in the tiny church of
St Andrews which dates back to the 12th century. It has some fine features and since 1981 has been registered as a charity to safeguard its future.




Shelsley Walsh Watermill has been (re-)opened

It’s taken around 8,000 hours of volunteer ‘pensioner power’ over almost four years, and on 9th May 2010, during National Mills Week, the watermill restored by ‘the Dibnahs’ as the team are known, has been officially opened.

Sir Anthony and Lady Winnington have cut the ribbon on 9th May, so now not only this mill can be seen in full working order, but a range of restored farm machinery that tells its own story of agricultural life in the Teme Valley before full mechanisation. A late Victorian root cutter, a chaf cutter dating from pre 1905 and one or two items bearing well known local names: Banfield of Tenbury, Kirby of Shelsley Walsh and Bamford, not JC but Henry his brother who was a well known manufacturer of farm machinery in Uttoxeter at the time.

Half of the land in the Teme Valley was growing fodder for heavy horses in Victorian times and these machines and the watermill, were key to its processing. From May 9th onwards the mill will be working every Hillclimb weekend, during lunch breaks, but the team welcomes groups who would like a personal tour, by arrangement.



The hamlet of  Shelsley Kings stands above the river, and offers some of the finest Shelsley Kings views of this part of the Teme valley. The River Teme itself is 75 miles long and rises on Cilfaesty Hill, near Newtown in Wales. It was once a milled river but today only one remains ( near Ludlow) and the river level is consequently much lower. No craft are allowed on the water and there are few public footpaths, making it one of the most unspoilt stretches of water in Britain. The Shelsleys enjoy one of the most picturesque of the river's meanders.


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