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"What's On" in the Parishes

December 2012

1 Christmas at Mill Farm all day
2 Tea and Gift Fair Clifton VH for World Challenge 2 – 5pm
2 Great Witley Farmers Market
5 Shelsleys Gardening Club, Adrian James. Return visit of a brilliant photographer, VH 7:30pm
6 Snug Beauty and Therapy Room evening from 6pm Mill Farm
6 Clifton Parish Council meeting, 7.30pm VH. Leader of MHDC David Hughes will attend and answer questions.
6 Clifton School Christmas Fair
8 ‘Messy Church’ St Kenelm’s Clifton
8 Flicks in the Sticks Clifton ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ 7.00 pm VH
8 Coffee Morning 26 The Village 10.30 am Leukaemia Research
9 Teme Valley Farmers’ Market Talbot Knightwick
11 A Victorian Family's Musical Christmas, Mike & Pat Ledbury, Clifton WI,
VH 7:30pm
13 Lower Sapey Parish Meeting 8.00 pm
15 Tarc Gallery Talented Teenagers Music Night 7.30 pm
15 Harpley ‘hour and a half’ 3–4.30 pm Harpley Church
16 Lion Inn Christmas Fayre


January 2013

6 Shelsleys Parish Grants deadline
8 Shelsleys Parish Council meeting 7.00 pm VH
10 Teme Valley Wildlife meeting Rochford VH 7.30 pm
15 GW School admissions deadline
26 Clifton Hunt Supporters Annual Ball
29 Lion Inn Quiz Evening Clifton 7.15 pm

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Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

Championships, run by the Midlands Automobile Club which celebrated its centenary in 2002, is hosting the following events at this historic venue in 2012:
Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb 5th & 6th May
2nd & 3rd June
1st July
28th & 29th July
18th & 19th August
22nd & 23rd September


Click here to visit the Midland Automobile Club's website.


Photo:   David Strange's Porsche on the starting line, May 2003


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    CC AD
    Ring: 01886 853 248 or
    Email: Candy Connolly




    Shelsley Hill Climb 2012

    5th & 6th May
    2nd & 3rd June
    1st July
    28th & 29th July
    18th & 19th August
    22nd & 23rd September